Thursday, October 11, 2012


I worry about you.  That's right, I worry about writers all the time.  Throughout my years as an agent, personal manager and writer's consultant I've seen so many smart and capable writers defeat themselves.  You keep shooting yourself in the foot so that you can not make it in your chosen field.  Why in the world do you do that?  Do you know that you're doing it?  These questions plague me.

Look......we all know that being and becoming a professional writer is hard.  There are two opposing facets to the process.  Both of these arenas are difficult.  There's the creative process AND the business process.  Most people are good at one, but not the other.  Here's a clue:  You can learn!  There are plenty of places to get the information you need.  You're a grown-up, so do your homework and make it happen for yourself.  As my grandfather used to say; "Nothing is impossible".

How many times have you ignored the following advice?

1.  Write many scripts before trying to get an agent.
2.  If you want to sell screenplays to major studios, move to Hollywood.
3.  Join a writer's group.
4.  Make sure your projects are written without grammatical and syntax errors.
5.  Use a professional consultant.
6.  Get a consultation NOT coverage. (Learn the difference)
7.  Read, read, read.
8.  See old and new movies.
9.  Read a few of the most popular books on screenwriting.
10. Learn how to network and socialize in your field.
11. Play nice with others.
12. Use the buddy system.
13. Be polite and thank people for helping or advising you.

Now, is that so hard?