Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Need Help???

Good Afternoon:

Are you wondering anything about your writing?  Here's some help for you. 

If you want to sell your screenplay or be a professional writer of any ilk, you absolutely must take advantage of the myriad of opportunities that are offered to you.  Most of them are easy and some of them are even free.

Go to any book store and you should find plenty of excellent books for writers, including mine titled:
"MIND YOU BUSINESS:  A Hollywood Literary Agent's Guide to Your Writing Career".  Remember that for 20+ years I was a writer's agent in Beverly Hills, before becoming a writer's consultant (also known as a script doctor).  In the off chance that your local book store or library doesn't carry a good supply of these books, simply ask professional consultants for their advice on what to buy on Amazon.  You can find loads of consultants through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Script Magazine, etc.  Many of us will be happy to give you advice, answer questions, and refer you to the "right" books to read.

I never understand why people don't reach out more than they do.  I'm surprised that I don't receive more questions on my various sites (including this one).  I'm on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Stage 32, and I've written about 18 articles you will find on Script Magazine.  Don't forget to check my web site at:  www.michelewallerstein110@vpweb.com.  Lots of info there and ways to reach me.  Why aren't you communicating with me......don't you have any questions??? I'm right here and happy to help.  I've always loved my work with writers.

If you've completed a script or two you must use the services of a professional consultant.  After 20+ years as a literary agent in Beverly Hills and 10 years as a consultant, I can improve your work and improve your chances of success.  You can't do it alone.