Sunday, December 18, 2016



To all you dear people who have been reading my posts for these past few years, I want to say that I feel very gratified for your readership.  Like all writers, I torture myself before writing each new post.  I wonder if I am being too honest and you will feel it is too brutal.  I wonder if you will take to heart all or even some of the advice I give.  I hope it has been helpful and illuminating to learn the truth about the screenwriting business.  Sometimes people disagree or question my blogs.  They don't think that what I say applies to them.  It's a shame when that happens because I try very hard to give you the unvarnished truth and to help keep you excited about your writing career.

I shall continue to scribble my thoughts and even some of my stories with you for awhile longer.  I feel you out there and wish you all well. 

Hoping you all enjoy family and friends, good dinners and great company for the Holidays.  Keep warm and don't forget to give of yourself to others.

All my best to you,