Thursday, August 13, 2015


For this month's Blog I'd like to ask YOU some questions and I hope many of you will reply.

These questions will help you move forward in your career.  They will give you something positive to think about, mull over, and perhaps discuss with people who can help you.

I want to know what you are doing for yourself.  So here goes:

1.  How many completed scripts have you written?

2.  Exactly what books have you read on writing?

3.  Have you gone to any professional seminars on writing?  If so, what were they?

4.  Have you begun to search for an agent or manager?  If so, how have you proceeded?

5.  Have you attended any pitch fests?  If so, how did you follow up with the people you met?

6.  What are you doing to improve your writing skills?

7.  Have you used writing consultants?  If so, did this help your writing?

8.  How are you reaching out to the Hollywood community?

9.  Are all of your scripts in the same genre?  If not, what genres are you writing?

10. Have you followed up with any people in Hollywood with "Thank you" notes?

I would be thrilled if you would answer any or all of the above.  I am also here to answer any questions you  may have and I would be happy to consult on your projects.

Please respond to either the comments section below, or to my personal email at:

Don't forget to read my book:  "Mind Your Business:  A Hollywood Literary Agent's Advice On Your Writing Career".