Sunday, September 4, 2016


Before you take one step forward in finding and having a writing career, you absolutely must know some basic but crucial information.

In my prior career as an agent, and in my current career as a writers consultant, I've seen so many people make so many mistakes in how they present themselves and their work.

There is a right and a wrong way to show who you are and how talented you are.  I've even written a chapter on this in my book,
MIND YOUR BUSINESS: A Hollywood Literary Agent's Guide to Your Writing Career.  The right and wrong way of entering a meeting, showing your material, responding to an email and letting people know who and what you are, are of paramount importance.  Executives in Hollywood have no patience for someone who doesn't do the following things in a professional manner.

I'm not saying that you must wear a tuxedo to a meeting or have a leatherette cover bonded to your scripts.  Far from it.  But there are some reasonable rules you will have to follow to get ahead.

The number one rule is how to present yourself.  Certainly you may wear jeans to a meeting.  However, the jeans must be clean, as well as your shirt, shoes and socks.  Your hair must be clean and your shirt should have a collar.  You are not going to a Bar B-Q.  You will want to be taken seriously.  This portion applies to every type of meeting.  It could be in a fabulous studio office, or a small diner or even if you are going to a seminar, pitch fest or screening.  When I have a one-on-one conference with writers, I am sometimes appalled at they way people show up.  Shorts and a T shirt are not acceptable.

Never, ever, ever be late.  If anyone has to wait for you, your cache is gone.  Prior to meetings, be sure you have the phone numbers with you.  If some untoward event occurs, you must call and explain why you will be late and beg forgiveness.

Your scripts, treatments, etc., must be neat and clean.  All scripts must have two (2) brads and a cover page with all your information on it.  This includes the title of the project, your name, your address, email and phone number.

I know the above sounds simple and that you assume everyone does the right thing.  You'd be amazed at how many people are late and sloppy.  The moment they arrive, they have lost whatever they wanted to gain from that meeting.

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