Sunday, January 15, 2017


Since the first of the year I've been noticing a rather remarkable transition for many, many writers.  I belong to quite a few writers groups on Facebook and have lots of wonderful friends on both Facebook and  LinkedIn.  There is now a slow but steady stream of optimism for your writing careers.  I'm so delighted to see this.  Prior to the beginning of the year, it appeared that everyone was so depressed and frightened by the forthcoming election outcome that no one seemed to be working on their projects.

Well, I'm thrilled to see that so many of you have climbed that mountain and are back to paying attention and working on your projects.  I've started to hear from many of you and I'm so excited about working on your scripts or being able to advise you, etc.

President Obama talks about the "audacity of hope" and I believe in that.  You must be strong and determined and willing to do the impossible to achieve your goals.  Yes, I certainly hear a lot of complaints about how tough the entertainment business is and  how hard it is to sell a script.  Having once been an agent, I know the drill from both sides of the desk.

Remember that you have only one thing to be concerned with now.  That is the quality of your writing. I have always found that really good writers are always found and pursued.  They get agents, managers, deals, offers and that's just the beginning.

Once you have reached that stage, please avail yourself of my book to find out what the next steps are in your careers.  It's the best 20 bucks you'll ever spend.  I want to help you get ahead and to fulfill your dreams.  I'd love to read your scripts and help you make them studio worthy. 

Let's keep moving forward and keep a positive attitude.  It has always stood me in good stead and I've been through the many wars of the business.


You can succeed if you do the work and don't overcomplicate your material.  Make those characters interesting and loveable.  Do not try and write something that no one has ever done.  That's not what the buyers are looking for.  They are looking for dedicated writers who've studied their craft.  Make that you!!