Tuesday, November 11, 2014


The first line in my book, MIND YOUR BUSINESS: A Hollywood Literary Agent's Guide to Your Writing Career, is; "I love writers."  After all my years as an agent and now after quite a few years as a writer's consultant, I can still say the same thing.  Writer's have always been close to my heart.  I enjoy their creativity and I understand their pain.  I have had and still do have a blessed life because I am working so closely with these creative and imaginative people.

As an agent I loved building a big career for a new writer.  I loved making their deals and helping them choose which of their ideas they should write next.  It was a team effort and always exciting.  Being a creative consultant gives me the same thrill.  I love reading those screenplays or novels.  I love being able to see what will help make those projects better and better.  It's so fulfilling to read the next drafts and watch the talent grow and mature.

Writing a marketable project when one is all alone is pretty much impossible.  Writers need the eyes of a professional to point out the flaws as well as the good pieces.  I never try to rewrite a writer.  I only show the way to making a script better.

Have you followed the 3 Act Structure?  Do your main characters have zip?  Are you overwriting the descriptive passages?  Does your plot work?  Is your story compelling? 

Let me know if I can help you!  It's what I want to do!