Saturday, September 7, 2013

Keep on Truckin'

      How the hell did it get to be September already???  Remember how the school year dragged in High School, but the summer flew by?  Now everyday flies by too fast.  There's so much to do.

     A number of years ago I quit agenting and just took time off to smell the roses and rest.  I'd been feeling an inner exhaustion from sooooo many years of intense work.  Even though I loved the job, I was in the eye of the storm that is Hollywood for a very long time.  After about a year off, I realized that I was bored to death.  My work had been my love.  My work had been my hobby.  My clients felt like my kids and making deals for them would leave me high as a kite.  The bigger the deals the higher I flew.

     It took me a couple of years to look into and then become a writers consultant.  I rolled up my sleeves and dove in head first.  I was back doing most of the things I'd loved as an agent.  I was working with wonderful writers to bring out their best creative work.  This is a calling.  It's a great feeling to work with a writer who listens and responds and improves their work.  I couldn't be happier.
Now I speak to writers groups, work creatively with screenplays and novels, will be teaching my first online class in October, write a monthly column for writers for Script Magazine and meet with writers one-on-one for private consultations.

   What I'm saying is that we make many, many choices in our lives.  Some good and some not so good.  The point is to take a chance in life.  There is a Zen saying that I have always loved;
"Leap, and the net will appear". 

     So my dear friends, give it a shot, whatever it is.  Jump in and test the waters.  If your first script isn't great, keep going and find out if your third script is fabulous.  Tenacity.

Keep Writing.