Friday, January 10, 2014


OK, the Holidays are finally over.  Now what?  Did you make resolutions that you probably haven't carried out?  I've never followed my New Year's resolutions in my life.  Well, I did quit smoking after about a zillion years, but it wasn't a resolution per se.  I just started to feel like an idiot for smoking.

My main question is:  Are you taking your writing career seriously?  Have you:

1.  Studied the craft?
2.  Practiced writing those scripts or novels?
3.  Hired a bona fide consultant and followed their advice? 

If you haven't done any or all of these things, you might as well get back under the covers and go to sleep.

Do you find yourself blaming the "system" in Hollywood?  Are you telling everyone that those Hollywood or publishing insiders are impossible to get to?

These are a few of the excuses that I've been hearing for many years.  Get over it and start paying attention to what really works.  Listen to speakers who have experience in the field.  Make sure your consultants are good.  Don't simply write one script and expect anything to happen.

It's all about doing the work, my friends.  It can be so rewarding and fun when you finally see the big picture and win the gold ring.