Sunday, April 12, 2015

Nine Years As a Consultant!

This month is my ninth year anniversary of being a script consultant.  It's impossible not to look back and weigh my choices and decisions.  I'm delighted to say that I chose well and have loved this new career.  After spending so many years as an agent I couldn't imagine finding something else that I would want to do that would bring me fulfillment, joy, fun and a bit of money too.  Being a consultant for writers has done all of that for me.

I've always loved to read and loved the movies.  Having two great careers that encompassed those loves has been amazing.  When I left my world as an agent I thought I was through.  I was exhausted and saddened.  A long rest was in my future.  After a couple of years off there was a feeling of ennui.  What was I accomplishing?  What was my value to the world?  How could I be of use again?

An old friend suggested that I become a novel and script consultant.  It took me a few months of thinking and discussing this to come to my decision to give it a try.  I called old friends who were so encouraging and pushed me forward.  They helped me get started with their enthusiasm and advice.  I will always be grateful to Michael Hauge, Linda Segar, Kathy Fong-Yoneda, and Mollie Gregory who believed that I could do anything I wanted to do and were happy to help me do it. 

I learned that I still loved writers and that they needed me.  My agency work was the background that was perfect to help them move forward and improve their work.  I began getting speaking engagements at writers groups, film festivals and pitch fests.  These have been so much fun and so fulfilling.  I was asked to write articles for various online sites and realized that there was a book inside me that could continue to educate new writers.  When I wrote MIND YOUR BUSINESS, it was a gamble.  What a terrific experience and I'm happy to say that four (4) years later it is still selling like hot cakes!

Well, I'm now looking forward to my 10th year with as much enthusiasm and joy as ever.

Thanks to all of you for making my life so great.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015



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