Saturday, December 20, 2014


HAPPY HOLIDAYS MY DEAR FRIENDS!!  Let's make this new year a great one.  Let's make it a year of fulfilling your dreams and aspirations.

You are capable of doing this by redoubling your efforts.  The old saying of putting your nose to the grindstone is the only true way to make your desires come true.  Sounds pretty grueling, but it's true.
You will need to spend more time at your computers writing those scripts.  You'll need to read more, see more movies (old and new), buy books, watch videos and listen to podcasts on writing skills, take more writing classes online and in person.

Try to write 3 new screenplays in 2015.  I know you have jobs, spouses, families and other responsibilities, but you can find the time to hone your craft.

If you have a true calling as a writer, make this year the one where you make it all happen for yourself.

If you write small, intimate stories, you will also need to research small, low budget independent filmmakers.  If you write big youth movies, great thrillers with strong male leads, teen comedies or huge budget sci-fi, then you must spend more time researching the Hollywood Studio world.

I am now teaching an on-line class titled "MOVING YOUR WRITING CAREER FORWARD", via ESE Filmworks.  We have recently decided to offer this as an on-demand course because we know how busy you are and that money can be tight at different times of your life.  I've also decided to make the homework sections of the course as a choice for you. 

This course will be taught in conjunction with my book; "MIND YOUR BUSINESS: A Hollywood Literary Agent's Guide To Your Writing Career".  If you are serious about selling your films, you will sign up for the course as soon as possible.  You need the knowledge to move forward.  There's no point to writing and putting those scripts in a drawer.  You must learn how to get them ready and get them to the right people.  You must learn how to find the proper management team and how to work with them.  Do you know what's expected from you as the client or an agent or manager or attorney?? Do you know how to make all of those pitch fests and weekend seminars work for you?

Lots and lots of questions like these will be answered.  I will mentor you through the 6 week course on a personal basis.  Don't let a lack of knowledge hold you back.  Learn how the system works and make it work for you.

This course is available to you over the internet so that you can take it from anywhere in the world.
Let me help you travel the complex world of making movies.

Go to: for more information and to sign up for our class.
You might want to email me if you have any questions at:, I'd love to hear from you.  

Have a wonderful time over the Holidays and let's get started early to get your life on your chosen path.