Thursday, September 29, 2011


          Being a filmmaker is not only a great job, but it is an important career choice.  So many great films have been able to uplift the spirits of their audiences as well as enlighten them. 
          Here are some more reasons that it is a wonderful and significant time to be a filmmaker now:
1.    You will be able to unleash the creative genie in your soul.
2.    You will be able to influence a tremendous amount of people.
3.    You will be able to entertain people whose lives are difficult.
4.    You will be able to share your thoughts and feelings.
5.    You will be able to share important information.
6.    You will be able to find out just how capable you are.
7.    You will be able to continue to grow and learn.
8.    You will be able to meet and enjoy many creative people.
9.    You will be able to work with many intelligent and quick witted people. 
10.You will have the time of your life.

Filmmakers and creative people of all arenas are blessed to be able to live a life filled with meaning.  They can follow their calling instead of finding a job.  It’s a great way to live.

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