Tuesday, October 8, 2013


What do you really want?  As writers you must have something in particular in mind.  Do you simply want to write one script and sell it for $1million?  Do you want to have a career as a motion picture or television or novel writer?  Once you know what you want you will need to figure out how to get there.

A doctor once said to me: "You are the kind of person who makes their dreams into reality".  I had thought that everyone did that.  To escape a rather unpleasant childhood, I had become a great daydreamer.  I would spend many hours either reading or daydreaming.  As I grew up I did start to turn those dreams into real life events.

It ain't easy, but it is possible.  I've always found that the dreaming part was easy......it was making them happen that was hard.  First you need a plan.  To get into any business you must learn all you can about that business.  You must know what you can bring to the table.  You have to find a way to make the big guys in that business want you.  If you have to come in through the basement, you need to be willing to do that.  Working your way up is most often the way to go.  That's exactly how I did it.

You absolutely cannot depend on luck or the heavens.  Advancement is up to you.  Whenever I hear someone say "I'm just unlucky", I have a fit.  Remember the old adage:  "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again"?  I believe in that.  Keep going, keep writing, keep learning your craft and by all means find out how you can get in and stay in.  That means doing your homework, networking, studying, and practicing your chosen craft.

No one writes a great first novel, or script.  Please believe me, your second and third and fourth will be better and better.  When I was an agent the two best clients I ever signed were new to the business and young.  The first one was referred to me by another client.  They had grown up together.  This new writer has written eleven (11) scripts and a novel.  The second was a 23 year old from Alaska who had written eighteen (18) scripts and three (3) novels.  They each made a zillion dollars after I signed them.  I loved working for both of these guys.  They weren't afraid of hard work.  They were gamblers and willing to take chances.  They believed in me as I believed in them.

So dream it up, figure it out then DO IT!

Keep writing.

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