Saturday, February 19, 2011


It's so very sad that bookstores are closing around this country.  I did a couple of seminars and book signings at Borders Books in Sherman Oaks and had another two scheduled.  The events were well attended and we sold some of my books.  It was fun for me and I believe that my audiences had a great time too.

I was booked to speak again today, however, on Friday (yesterday) I received an email from the store that because they were going bankrupt and closing their store, they were told by the head office to cancel all events. Naturally I was disappointed, but more than that, it is a very telling moment in our lifetimes to see the closings of so many bookstores.  Have we lost the ability to read all those wonderful books that have been available to us?  It seems to me that because of the advent of computer bytes and television's immediacy that Americans have lost the exquisite pleasure of simply sitting quietly and turning those rustling pages of stories and characters. I mourn this loss as I'm sure you do.  It speaks to a change in our lives that will never repair itself. 

The imaginations of so many writers and their ability to inform and entertain us must not be allowed to leave without a salute and a tear.  Let us all keep trying to share the wonderful treasure of reading with those who we love and raise and continue to try and cherish the blessings of good books.

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