Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It just dawned on me that writers may not know when and why to use professional consultants.  If you want to be a professional writer and you are out there in the universe with a couple of completed screenplays or novels, you must be wondering: "What do I do now?"  The answer is actually quite simple.  Get those scripts or novels read by someone who knows the ins and outs of publishing and/or Hollywood.

Writing is not a hobby, it's a business.  It's born of a creative mind, but it lives in a world of commerce. These are the realities of your life.  You can not ignore this side of your life.  I maintain that writers are quite lucky to have so many choices of professional consultants to choose from.  We come in all sorts of price packages and backgrounds.  Just be very careful to vet these people.  There are some who will offer coverage of your project.  You do not want this!  You want a consultant who is connected in the mainstream of your chosen field.  You want someone who will find any problems you have in your work, and who will help you find a way to repair those problems.  You want someone who can guide you and advise you. 

In a way, we are the best writing teachers you will ever have.  This is a one-on-one situation for your work.  No classroom or seminar, just you and your consultant.  What could be better?

The time to hire someone is when you think your project is perfect.  When you have taken it as far as you can and now want to know if it is ready for the "real" world.

Get those projects out and take the next step toward a writing career.

Any questions??

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