Friday, March 11, 2011


A couple of days ago I had a meeting with a new client.  We discussed his work and chatted a bit about our lives.  Near the end of the meeting he asked me a question that has stayed with me.  He said:
  "Why do you do what you do?"  It was actually quite easy for me to respond.  I do it because I love writers.  I also loved being an agent and this work that I now perform is the perfect off-shoot.  I get to meet interesting a bright people, I get to travel to present my seminars, I get to share information about the most fascinating business in the world and I get to read. 

What about all of you?  Why do you write?  If you are doing it for a big payday, then I suggest you give it up now and get a real job.  If you do it because you think it will be glamorous and exciting in that you will get to hang out with fabulous movie stars, then forget about it.  Those aren't good reasons to go through the trials, tribulations and very hard work of writing.

Become a writer because you have to, because it is your calling.  This isn't a choice, it is something that is inside of you that prods you forward to tell your stories.  There is nothing else. 

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