Friday, February 20, 2015


OK, here are some of the things I want to gripe about.  I can't find movies to go see.  I can't even find semi-old movies on my VCR to rent.  90% of the movies on HBO, SHOWTIME, CNMX, ENCORE, etc. are films I've already seen or won't even consider watching.  I'm a grown up and the major studios couldn't care less.  They just want those male teenagers.  It's called having an audience that goes back and sees the same movie over and over with other friends.  One of the things I'd like to know is where do those boys get all that money for movies, popcorn, candy and sodas.  Thank goodness there are still a few good little independent films. 

I hate all of these re-makes.  I don't care if they were great films or just action junk.  Why aren't the studios making more original films??  It is the death of the new idea and creativity.  Film is an art and we should never forget it.

If you want to be a successful screenwriter, you better learn how to write mindless action pieces.  I know I'm being a bit snarky but I miss going to a movie whenever I feel like it.  I have to wait a long time before a good picture arrives on the scene.  However, the truth is that right now if you are writing intimate relationship dramas or adult comedies, it ain't gonna sell.  They might be good sample scripts so keep writing them and get very good at it.

Another thing I hate is "ghostwriting".  I hate everything about it.  I've even seen some consultants who offer to ghostwrite.  I want to call the writing police and have them arrested.  Your sample specs are YOURS.  If anyone else writes it with you they must get credit on the title page, otherwise you are lying to the producer, agent and development person.   I once had a partner who represented a famous writer who received lots of TV assignments.  He would hire young writers, pay them a very small amount, read the drafts and put his own name on the project.  He made a huge amount of money and I was furious when I found out.  It was fraud.

In the wonderful movie, ROCKY, our hero talks with some kids on his block and warns them that "All you got is your rep". I agree with that statement.  I believe that your word is your bond, a deal is a deal, and you never lie.

Thanks for letting me get these things out of my system.  Take them to heart and become the smartest, best, most creative writing artist that you can be.

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  1. You should watch "Masters of Sex". Excellent writing, directing, and acting.

    I think that some mini-series are better than movies. If you look at ratings on IMDB, TV series and mini-series get the best ratings.

    ---Steve Wagner