Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Lately I've been thinking quite a bit about the dire straits of the movie business.  All we seem to hear about is how the major studios aren't buying spec screenplays or developing projects or hiring writers.

I've lived with the gloom and doomsayers of Hollywood for 25 years and what I know is that movies are still being made in abundance.   There are even more outlets for film financing than ever before.  We have Television movies, studios movies (big, small, comedies, dramas, action, adventure, sci-fi, teen and pre-teen), independently financed films, short films, mini series, ad infinitum.

What Hollywood always wants are great writers.  Good writers are all around, but great writers are very hard to find.   Keep honing your craft.  Keep learning the business of writing and the art and passion of writing.  Keep trying to find an idea that a multitude of people all over the world will want to pay money to see.  It's possible.  It happens.  Maybe it will happen for you.

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