Monday, January 31, 2011


I am in the throes of my second career.  It is really quite amazing to me that I ever had one in the first place, much less two wonderful paths to follow.  Ever since I learned to read I've been fascinated by stories.  Ever since my first cartoon I've been in love with movies.  How lucky to have been able to spend so much of my life in the exciting and fulfilling world of entertainment.  I know that not everyone has been so blessed.  Many writers come to me who have spent most of their adult lives wishing that they could have been writers.  In the business of writing motion pictures it is never too late to start.  The hardest part is believing that it's possible.

After over 20 years as an agent, I quit that world and decided to become a script and novel consultant.  My husband looked at me askance and asked "Well, how can you just do that?"
I replied:  "I'll simply go to a stationers and have business cards made".  We both laughed and then sat down together to figure it out.  Thankfully my becoming a consultant was not difficult because it was a offshoot of the work I'd been doing for so long. 

 When one begins something from scratch at an advanced age (over 40) the most important thing to realize and accept is that you don't know how to do it.  We have years of life experiences and perhaps even have been extremely successful at our livelihoods, but writing for the film world is a different set of skills and must be learned as if you are in kindergarten.  You will still have to take classes, listen to lectures, practice and practice and practice the craft of writing.

My wonderful and brilliant grandfather once sternly admonished me to "Never say you can't do anything".  It was the best advice I have ever heard.  Now I say it to you.

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