Tuesday, January 18, 2011


OK, here's the thing.  If you don't see movies, you can't write them.  Now I don't mean that you won't be allowed to write.  The writing police won't come to your door and stop you, but you can't really write a great film if you don't know the past, current and future movies.  This is your research.  Don't think of yourself as just laying around watching old movies on TV.  You must do this to understand story, structure, character development and plotting.

You must check out the Calender section of the Sunday paper to see which production companies are making movies for which studios.  Find out the kind of movie these producers and studios seem to like to make.  If a movie comes out that is very, very, very similar to one that you are working on, move on to another project.  No whining allowed.  Just move on.

That's enough from me today.

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